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Immigration procedures.
Immigration procedures to enter Malaysia to study are simple and hassle-free. The requirements of the Immigration Department for international students are as follows:

Conditions to Qualify As A Student
The students must: - have already been accepted for a full-time course of study (inclusive of English programme) at a public or private higher educational institution
- have the financial capability to meet the course fees and living/travel expenses
- possess good health and character
- be seeking entry for study purposes only

Application Procedures For Student Pass
All applications for student passes by international students are done through Malaysian educational institutions. The processing, approval and issuance of student passes and visas are carried out by the Immigration Department in Malaysia, except for students from the People's Republic of China (PRC). Students from the PRC have to get their visas from the Embassy of Malaysia or the Council of Malaysia in the PRC.

Family Members To Stay With Students
Family members of students under the following categories will be allowed to accompany students to stay in Malaysia for the entire study duration with approval from the Immigration Department. They are:
- Parents of students
- Spouses, children and parents of students from Middle-East countries
- Spouses and children of students who are studying postgraduate programmes

Working Part-time While Studying In Malaysia
International students are also allowed to work part-time (maximum 20 hours per week during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days) while studying full-time in Malaysia, subject to immigration requirements.

6 easy steps to study in Malaysia
  1. The student submits an application form for study, together with the relevant documents to the intended educational institution which has official approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Immigration Department) to recruit international students.
  2. The student's application is accepted by the educational institution, which then helps to apply for a student pass at the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia (except for students from the People's Republic of China - PRC).
  3. Upon approval, a letter of approval will be issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department to the educational institution concerned for it to pass on to the student.
  4. Before leaving his/her country for Malaysia, the student informs the educational institution of his/her port of entry (airport), flight number, arrival date and time.
  5. Upon arrival at the airport in Malaysia, the educational institution's representative receives the student at the immigration check-point.
  6. Within 2 weeks of the student's arrival, the educational institution must submit the student's passport to the Malaysian Immigration Department, so that the student pass sticker can be attached to his/her passport.

Immigration Information
Immigration policies for International Students (New Student/Transfer Student)
International students are required to comply with Immigration Malaysia. Please adhere strictly to the requirements to minimize delay or other problems that may arise.

A passport or travel document with a minimum one year validity is required to enter the country. You need to obtain an approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department prior to entering the country.

Admission Requirements:
Necessary documents that must be enclosed by the student are:-
· 5 passport size photographs
· 4 copies of student's passport (all the info pages) / Student's visa page (if transferred from another college)
· 4 copies of academic results /transcripts (from home country ) all certified true copies.
· 4 copies of Medical Report attached with all the original laboratory results and chest X-Ray film and report (original and Photocopies)
Full documents should be submitted to the respective colleges under the Nirwana Education Group - ISO at least 40 days before expiry date of visa. Student must submit the Original Passport One week before the expiry date with the payment. For Late Submission of the documents, passport or the payment, the college has the right NOT TO ACCEPT IT.

It will take 1 - 2 months for the Immigration to process your application
If already in Malaysia : Payment of compound
: Letter of release from the previous college/institution.

Renewal of student visa
The student must submit the following full documents to the International Student Office (ISO - Immigration) at least 40 days before the expiry date of his / her student visa for processing. The student must settle all the outstanding fees before his / her application can be processed. If students do not comply with the 40 days' renewal period, a penalty cost will be charged according to the number of remaining days before the passport expires.

Fill up the student visa renewal form provided by ISO-Immigration office. The supporting documents that you need to provide are:-
· Original Passport
· 1 copy of Latest Official Result
· Letter of Attendance (75%) & Performance to be obtained from the Coordinator
· Cover letter (to be prepared by the officer in-charge)
Invoice/ Nirwana Education Group (respective colleges). Official Receipt printed by Finance Office
· RM1500 for processing fee (pay to Bursary)
* pay to ISO-Immigration Office.
It will take 1 - 2 months for the Immigration to process your application for renewal of student visa.

The APPROVAL for renewal is subject to:
· Passport - Student's passport should have at least 1-year validity
· Attendance - Student must have an attendance of equal to or more than 75%. In addition, those who have been absent for 3 consecutive days in class must provide a valid reason to Immigration.
· Academic result - Student must do well in their courses. Immigration may cancel a student visa because of poor academic results.
· Based on the cover letter from college which falls back to the details provided by the academic and attendance representative.
Overstay Case
More than 7 days

· Depends on immigration charges.

Withdrawal from Nirwana Education Group before/after receiving approval letter from Immigration
· Students withdrawing their studies must report to ISO/ ISO-Immigration, to fill up withdrawal form.
· Students are advised to bring the following documents for Immigration cancel system processing:-
1) Copy of Offer Letter from new college (if want to transfer to another college)
2) Copy of Confirmed ticket (if student wants to leave the country)
· If they have not been issued the Visa – a form should be filled and a refund would be given.
· If they have been issued a Visa – a show cause letter should be given and the appropriate refund should be returned.*college discretion

Shortening Student Visa (Transferring to another College)
· Request a Release Letter from the Registry Office and bring along the new offer letter from the new college (will take 3 working days)
· Student must bring the Release Letter, copy of Offer Letter and Original Passport from the new college to the ISO-Immigration so that its staff can advise you on what to do.
· Clear tuition fees and outstanding payment. (RM500)
It will take 1 - 2 weeks for the Immigration to process your application.

Cancellation Student Visa (Departure back to Home Country)
· Student must bring copy of itinerary/ flight ticket and Original Passport to ISO-Immigration so that its staff can advise you on what to do.
It will take 1 - 2 weeks for the Immigration to process your application.

Married to a Malaysia citizen
· Produce relevant documents.

When student has a New Passport
If you renew/change your passport, please transfer your student visa sticker to the new passport immediately. Your student visa will not be valid in the old passport. Bring your old and new passport/s to ISO-Immigration so that its staff can advise you on what to do.

It will take 1 - 2 weeks for the Immigration to process your application.