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Company History, Vision and Mission
Nirwana Education Group – Our Success Story
Recognising that education is always a top priority of the Malaysian Government, Nirwana Academy Sdn.Bhd, a private limited company, was formed as a social responsibility to run educational programmes and provide quality education at all levels to meet the needs of individuals to create a better society.

Today, under its wings, the company owns six (6) educational institutions, popularly known as the Nirwana Education group.

The Nirwana Education Group places great emphasis on research and development (R&D) in order to play a role in producing the nation’s much needed knowledge workers adhering to the general directions of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The renowned education group started off in the year 1998, Back then, the co-founders of the group, Dato Maran Kannan and Mr.Segaran, both educationists themselves, headed the Law Faculty in a prestigious college called KLC, Centre for Studies.

Being pioneers in the Law Faculty , in due course, they were both given a franchise license to set up a law department in the year 2000. This comprised the A’Level and Law degrees awarded by University of London and University of Wales.

Making waves in the field of law, given their expertise, an opportunity arose in the year 2002 to own Nirwana College which had been in business for more than 10 years.

Being the proud owners of Nirwana College, thereon they moved on vigorously. The number of programmes increased, the image and the distinctiveness of not compromising on the quality of education was becoming the talk of the town. This led to the formation of the remaining six institutions that are now known as the prestigious Nirwana Education Group.

Strictly adhering to their principles and commitment to make available inexpensive college education to local and international students who intend to move on to a traditional four-year college, the group has never compromised on quality.

These principles have shaped all the institutions during these years and have provided the theoretical basis for its founding and defined its initial curriculum and activities.

To maintain and further enhance the Nirwana Education Group as a centre of excellence for higher education.

To produce competent graduates to fulfill national and international manpower needs, with the graduates employed in their relevant fields within six months upon graduation.

To encourage the internationalisation of the group's higher education system by attracting foreign students, making up to 10% of the total student population at diploma, bachelor and postgraduate levels.

To ensure that there is continual increment in funding in the form of scholarship and sponsorship offered by the Education Group.

To offer adequate and quality higher education infrastructure, at par with the best practices adopted internationally.

To offer financing facilities to students who have the potential and who are qualified for higher education.

To enhance strategic alliances with local and foreign higher education institutions, and to venture strongly into the fields of research, development and commercialization

Principles : To carry out our duties and responsibilities sincerely and fairly.

Professionalism : To be knowledgeable and highly skilled in carrying out our responsibilities.

Teamwork: To carry out our duties through teamwork.

Customer Oriented : To offer the best services to customers in terms of timeliness and service quality.

Community Oriented: To be sensitive to the welfare of staff whilst safeguarding organisational interests