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Message From Nirwana College CEO

Nirwana College is a learning institute characterised by collaboration, energy and creativity. Our focus is firstly on our students, nurturing and training them for the industry, but not forgetting the development and well-being of our staff.

We are leaders in education and training that add value to health communities, business development, industry innovation and technological changes. The quality of our relationships, as well as our facilities and programmes, provides us with competitive strengths and recognised leadership in a number of vocational areas. In all our activities we emphasise the importance of contributing to our community.

We are building our reputation as an institute where young people experience success, acquire vocationally relevant skills, knowledge and experience of a global dimension. We operate in a global environment with several university tie-ups characterised by intense competition, technological changes and continuous innovation. In conjunction with our international partners in the Global Education Network, we are expanding holistic learning opportunities for our students.

Our industry partnerships provide students with access to globally recognised training and hands-on experience with the current educational and learning processes. Through progressively developing our partnerships and our national and international activities, we connect our people with the best practices and a vibrant environment.

Students graduating from our programs are ready for the world. Our programme design and delivery focus on equipping students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to apply their learning to new situations, to solve problems, to work creatively and cooperatively, and to sustain their lifelong learning.

The task ahead is challenging and exciting. I am confident that we will strengthen our position and we will continue to provide unique learning opportunities for our students and staff.

Dr. S.R.Sen Gupta JP, PHF
Chief Executive Officer
Nirwana College